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Rule 6: Your House Comes First

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

     Everyone judges the government, everyone blames the government, everyone is trying to change the government, but how do you expect to make this government so much better when your own life, your own house is in bad order.

     Obviously, no one has a perfect life, things fall apart and they fall apart at unexpected times. Its crazy hoe Peterson asks are these fall aparts the consequences of reality or the consequences of God. He reveals that it is both(in only some cases I would think) Failure to prepare for the things known to come, is 100% your own fault. At that point, your corrupt so stop and think.

     Cleaning your life is definitely not a walk in the park, but you need to trust your own judgment. If you know something isn't working, Stop Doing It. Trust the fact that you know what you truly need to do, but also don't be afraid to listen to others. Experience makes the person.

     This may seem scattered and vague but the thing is you need to stop blaming the government and god for all the problems in your life. Starting to see the humiliation in the fact that you are at fault for something in your own life, that is what is gonna clear up your life  and open things up for you

Rule 5: Children

Monday, June 4, 2018

      Well, this is awkward... Guys, I'm 19, almost 20, I do not have any kids, so I don't have any first-hand advice on how hard it is. Kudos to all the parents who have raised amazing kids. You are greatly appreciated.

     The is chapter is all about how to raise amazing and good behaving children, so those who are expecting ( CONGRATULATIONS) maybe you can check out this chapter. I feel like it actually does have some good helpful advice.

     Okay, the first point, don't be scared of your child, and don't let them become a second-hand job at times that are actually unnecessary and can be avoided. Make sure that you are confident and have a comfortability with yourself when you are raising your child. That is what is gonna make it that much more enjoyable and that much more fun. You Can Do It!!!!!!

     Socialized reinforcement. We all know that you are going to show your baby?kid around and that's actually a really good thing for them. When they act good and appropriately in front of other people the get three times the reinforcements and compliments. Isolating a child would only cause ample problem in the future both mentally and physically. Everyone needs socializing skills and its never too early to start even for a baby.

     Okay, the big thing is rules/discipline. Rules cannot be a huge complicated textbook that continually contradicts itself and is never clear, most fully grown adults have a hard time following rules, how do you expect a small child? When enforcing these rules  PLEASE use minimum force possible. I know this is so obvious but remember this when your tired, upset, and stressed. People make mistakes, but the fact that you have a child, that should motivate you to do better, to be more in control.

    There are still so many more rules that I haven't mentioned, so check out the book, even if it is just for this one chapter.

Rule 4: Better Than Yesterday

Sunday, June 3, 2018

     This wakes up something that we all know deep down, and its what Peterson states at the beginning of this chapter. There are 7 billion people in this world. It is a high chance that there is someone better than you. I  know it personally cause I feel that insecurity very single day. The thing is when you enter to do something you enter a game where you can lose and where you can win. 
Success Or Failure
Sustainable or Improvable
Change or Invent 

     "Winning doesn't mean growing, but when you're growing your winning." 

     When you want to start winning, you have to figure out what you genuinely want what you ain for, but that aim has to be crystal clear. Don't be vague. Know it will all your heart because if you have a passion for it that is what is gonna drive you to go after it. That is what is gonna make sure you won't stop and you will work towards it. If you don't have that passion you are gonna be walking blind.

     When you start going towards your aim when you start to actually do something, know your flaws. Know that if you can't change your flaws, accept them and work with them because it is possible. Everyone has flaws even the most successful of people, but the difference is they know how to work with those flaws.

     All in all, the small feats that you have every day lets you know that you are becoming better than you were yesterday and helping you get to your aim, whether you know it or not.

Rule 3: Choose Good Friends

Saturday, June 2, 2018

     For this chapter, it took me a second realize what the author was talking about and leading to. I believe what he was saying is throughout life we have friends that stay and ones that go.  You shouldn't hang around people who are trouble, who don't do better, who don't think they deserve better. The people who are so disconnected from reality and society because they are just gonna drag you into the rut that they are.

     I always want to help my friends in life and want them to do better because believe it or not we all have friends who don't grow up and disregard actual life. You can't help people who don't want to be saved, who have dug themselves so deep in a cavern that there is no way to get out (this isn't all friends.) Avoid these types of people. If you wouldn't recommend the person as a friend, why be friends with them?

     Good friends will encourage, so don't be afraid to have friends who seem better than you because at the end of the day they're healthier for you. 

Rule 2: Your Resposible for Yourself, Act Like It

Friday, June 1, 2018

      Who here loves their pets????? I know I do. Especially my little loveable black kitty, COCO (He's a guy.) When you take care of our pets, the smallest sign of sickness, we run to the vet and make sure they get everything and take all the medicine. We don't question it. So why do we question everything a doctor tells us, even if it's as simple as a pill. Hmmmm......

     It's okay if you do because we are more than just science we are dramatic ass people, who feel.

Order & Chaos

     This we all understand and you will see that Peterson takes the biblical approach to this. 
Female = Chaos
Male = Order
As much as I wanted to argue this in the beginning and say that this was far beyond sexist. The way he explains it though, Its actually pretty true. I want all the ladies who read it let me know what you think!!!

Rule 1. Stand Up

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

       Okay, so since the advice in this book is so good and needs to be spread throughout the world. I am gonna give you snapshots of every single rule. Hopefully, it will intrigue you enough to go out and read the full book and get full in-depth experience that this book will give you. I will say don't take the book lightly, really read and think about what the book is saying and how it pertains to your own life.

     SCIENCE! That's the first word that popped into my head during this chapter, at least in the beginning of it. The author talks about birds, lobsters, and other animals. He goes into detail about each one's way of showing dominance and the hierarchy system that they enforce because that is what they all have in common. That is what the chapter goes on to talk about.

     Peterson goes on to provide the benefits of living higher in the hierarchy and the awful circumstances of being lower. The ones who are lower are stuck living with the circumstances in a destructive loop that only drags them lower or doesn't allow them to grow. At that point, your life really isn't happy, its just filled with anxiety.

     The author then goes into the hierarchy that is awfully known as bullying. People are bullied when they can't fight back or when they choose not to fight, not to be violent. Bullying is put up with at all times of someone's life. STOP TAKING IT!!! Everyone allows this to cause them to hit rock bottom. The thing about rock bottom is its real, and they only way to go up is to accept that you have hit rock bottom. "Standing up physically also implies and invokes and demands standing up metaphysically. Standing up means voluntarily accepting the burden of Being."

 Walk Tall

5. 12 Rules for Life

Monday, May 21, 2018

  I'm going to be completely honest, this was like a mixture between an enjoyable, informative, intelligent, book, and a supremely boring textbook. I enjoyed this book to a certain point. There were a couple of times when I had to stop because it was losing my interest. The thing that added to the difficulty of getting through this book, was the fact that it was so monotone and seem to not have a lot of emotion in it. I am pretty disappointed because this book had some really deep lessons that really change your life and the way that you view it, and I haven't come across some of the information listen in this book anywhere else. Plus, it's not just information. It's actual experiences from the author's life and in addition, he uses biblical stories too. 

     I would give this book, like a 7.5 out of 10, but that is just my opinion. My boyfriend enjoyed this book a lot more than I did, but at the same time, he did admit with me the fact that there are some spots that are a struggle to get through because it is just so boring and unappealing.

     But don't let that stop you from reading this book, please. It will have an effect on your life even if that effect is the smallest effect of all time.   

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